Callis for Congress Campaign Releases Third Ad


Callis for Congress Campaign Releases Third Ad
Judge Callis Highlights Her Commitment to Protect Seniors’ Benefits

EDWARDSVILLE—Former Chief Judge and Democratic challenger Ann Callis today released her third ad of the campaign, “Fairness.” The ad highlights that Callis’ commitment to stand up for seniors’ and protect their Social Security and Medicare is one reason she has earned her the support of US Senator Dick Durbin and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, one of the nation’s leading seniors’ advocacy groups.


“Ann Callis has earned the support of Democrats across the district because of her proven record of helping her community. Ann knows it is only fair to protect seniors’ hard-earned benefits, and in Congress she will fight any attempts to hurt the middle class by cutting Social Security and Medicare or privatizing the programs,” said campaign manager Marshall Cohen

The ad is airing in Illinois’ Thirteenth District. You can find more information on Ann’s proven record of standing up for seniors here:

The ad script is below:

 CALLIS FOR CONGRESS, “Fairness” Script:

Fairness. It’s what you expect from a judge. That’s why Judge Ann Callis created Illinois’ first Veterans’ Court, to help them get treatment and back on their feet. And it’s one reason Democrats like Dick Dubin say Callis is the best choice for Congress. Advocates for seniors support Callis, because she’s committed to protecting Social Security and Medicare, not privatizing them. And knows cutting hard-earned benefits isn’t right, and it’s never fair. CALLIS: I’m Ann Callis, and I approve this message.